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Our primary brand focus is to lead our production with a low-impact approach. In an effort to incorporate an eco-friendly practice into all aspects of our business, below are details that highlight the process our product development (each sku is labeled with the applicable value icons).


All of our pieces are made-to-order or produced in small-batch quantities to reduce seasonal deadstock and excess waste.


We work exclusively with a seamstress co-op. All production is carried out in New York or in the home studio of Leigh New York's founder, Morgan Johnson. This enables us to reduce the time, cost and eco footprint of transporting the garments. We believe that supply chain transparency, the ethical treatment of workers, and wages of workers is just as important to us as our environmental impact.


All of our products are produced in New York. The fabric is sourced in Eastern Asia and Italy, and noted on all of the individual product pages.


None of our products use animal byproducts.


Natural materials are used in our collections, including organic silk and linen. In selecting the fabrics, we place a lot of importance on how they are produced and the extent of its impact on the environment. Fabric is plastic free, unless noted by the absence of the organic icon.


Since the nature of small batch and made-to-order allows for minimal waste, all of our materials are ordered (or reused) to it's optimum level of consumption. Our dream is for no trash to be sent to landfills, incinerators, or the ocean. And we are trying our best.