Happy 2021

Happy 2021

Firstly, Happy New Year! How are you? Healthy and well, I hope.

2021 feels like a welcome start from what was a hellish year. Some (most) days I had a hard time creating and when I had moments where I wanted to execute design or production, it was really hard to stay motivated to do so. That has not been easy to admit, but I can imagine it is a shared feeling, so allowing myself to ~*feel*~ through it.

I spent much of last year reseting, sticking to digital design (while occasionally indulging in tactile projects) and figuring out how to move forward with Leigh NY. I believe the time was really well spent. The brand has been centered around being intentional with production so by developing less, we lived up to that mission—even while temporary.

Right now, the site is “stocked” with made-to-order items that will be a part of our “permanent collection” of carryovers. All of these items are designed with a timeless approach and allow Leigh to reimagine the ordinary rhythm of the fashion industry. I've held on to the desire of finding meaning for each piece and as times moves on, respect each creation's time of bloom.

Holding hope for this year and looking forward for what's to come, so stay tuned! (:

— Morgan Johnson (Founder & Creative Director of Leigh NY)